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A PEI Cottage vacation is waiting for you! Choose from the many PEI cottages listed on which are listed by price. For a complete list of PEI cottages, B&B's, Motels and Inns visit It's convenient and easy to plan your PEI vacation at
PEI Cottages
PEI Cottages - Sea

A PEI Cottage vacation is waiting for you! Choose from the 745 accommodation options listed on this Website. For a complete list of cottages, B&B's, Motels and Inns, Beach Houses, Summer Homes or Campgrounds visit It's convenient and easy to plan your Prince Edward Island vacation online, just follow the links.

PEI Cottages -  Anne of Avonlea


Prince Edward Island has 6 tourism zones. You will notice in the listings (see below) there is a heading called "Region" which has numbers ranging from 1 to 6. These numbers correspond with the numbers we placed on the "tourism zone map" (located to your right).

  - Tourism Map

Charlottetown Tourist Zone Cottages
Charlottetown Harbourview Waterfront Cottages----$1200.00
Mol's Waterfront Cottages------------------------$2000.00

Summerside Tourist Zone cottages
Schurmans Shore Waterfront Cottages--------------$650.00

Sunsets and Seascapes Tourist zone Cottages (#1)
Sansway Summer Home -----------------------------$1100.00
St. Felix Beach House ---------------------------$3400.00

Ship to Shore Tourist Zone Cottages (#2)
Chelton Beach Cottages---------------------------$750.00 - $1200.00
Schurmans Shore Waterfront Cottages--------------$900.00

Annes Land Tourist Zone Cottages (#3)
Shining Waters Cottages and Resort --------------$572.00
White Sands Cottages and Campground -------------$720.00
White Sands Cottages and Campground -------------$720.00
Bayberry Cottage --------------------------------$750.00
Cape Road Cottages-------------------------------$750.00
Stanhope Cottages -------------------------------$750.00
Surf Cottages -----------------------------------$755.00
Bayside Waterfront Cottages--------------------- $775.00
Goodview PEI Cottages--------------------------- $799.00
Pines Motel -------------------------------------$850.00
Get Away to PEI ---------------------------------$850.00

Creekside Cottages and Guest Home ---------------$975.00
Home From Away Waterfront Cottages-------------- $995.00
Avonlea Cottages --------------------------------$997.00
Cavendish Country Inn and Cottages --------------$1000.00
Shady Acres Cottages ----------------------------$1020.00
On The Bay Cottages -----------------------------$1100.00
Lochwood Cottage --------------------------------$1200.00
Anne's Windy Poplars Cottage Resort -------------$1295.00
John B's Waterfront Cottages --------------------$1299.00
Sand and Sea Cottages ---------------------------$1350.00
Swept Away Cottages -----------------------------$1350.00
Our Stanley Summer Home -------------------------$1400.00
Sandy's Beachfront Cottage-----------------------$1500.00
Celtic Cape Beach House -------------------------$2500.00
Dunescape Cottages ------------------------------$2500.00
White Barn Guest House --------------------------$2575.00

Charlottes Shore Tourist Zone Cottages (#4)
Amherst Cove Cottages----------------------------$700.00
Bugaboo Cottages --------------------------------$750.00
Baker Shore Cottage------------------------------$850.00
Tremere's Ocean View Cottages -------------------$850.00
Cove Beach Estates ------------------------------$950.00
Hogans Waterview Cottages------------------------$950.00
Lords Seaside Cottages---------------------------$1000.00
Kelly's Canoe Cove Cottages--------------------- $1395.00
Gordon's Cove Cottage----------------------------$1500.00
Port Wood Cove Beach House --------------------- $1500.00
Sleepy Pines Cottages ---------------------------$1800.00
Sunsets and Sealights ---------------------------$1800.00
Seaside Paradise Beach House---------------------$2000.00
Island Breeze Beach House----------------------$2295.00

Bays and Dunes Tourist Zone Cottages (#5)
Crescent Isle Cottages --------------------------$700.00
Steadmans Country Cottages ----------------------$750.00
North Side Cottages -----------------------------$850.00
Between Two Waters Summer Home ------------------$990.00
Cable head B& B, Cottages and Suites ------------$950.00
Northside Getaway Cottage -----------------------$950.00
Between Two Waters Summer Home ------------------$990.00
Bayline Cottages --------------------------------$1090.00
Sand and Sea Cottages ---------------------------$1100.00
Shoreside Cottage------------------------------- $1145.00
Duneside Cottage --------------------------------$1200.00
Colville Bay Cottages ---------------------------$1200.00
Shady Lane B&B and Cottages ---------------------$1200.00
Seas the Wind Cottage ---------------------------$1400.00
Sandy's Beachfront Cottage ----------------------$1500.00
Riverbank Vacation Home -------------------------$1550.00
Anne's Beach House ------------------------------$1600.00
Ocean Annies Beach House ------------------------$1600.00
Sunset Beach Hideaway ---------------------------$1600.00
Greenwich Moonlight Bay Cottage ---------------------$1650.00
Roses on the Water Beach House House-------------------$1800.00
Savage Harbour Cottages -------------------------$1850.00
Tread Softly Cottage ----------------------------$1875.00
Howe Point Cottage------------------------------ $2300.00
Crowbush Beach and Golf House------------------- $2500.00
Chateau de Sables -------------------------------$2800.00
Howe Bay Beach House ----------------------------$3400.00
Howe Bay Summer Home ----------------------------$3600.00

Hills and Harbours Tourist Zone Cottages (#6)
Mabels Gaspereaux Cottages ----------------------$400.00
Brudenell on the River Cottage------------------ $800.00
Shores of St.Andrews Scenic Waterfront Cottages--$850.00
Calm Waters Cottage -----------------------------$900.00
Morning Tide ------------------------------------$900.00
Captain Hubley's Seaside Cabin ------------------$900.00
Oceanfront Cottage ------------------------------$900.00
Red Clay Cottages -------------------------------$900.00
Moonlight Cottage by the Sea --------------------$1050.00
Monigans Shorefront Retreat ---------------------$1100.00
Deroma Cottages ---------------------------------$1150.00
Smugglers Cove Waterfront Cottage--------------- $1200.00
Thompson Pond -----------------------------------$1200.00
Rusty Anchor Chalet -----------------------------$1400.00
Herring Beach Homes -----------------------------$1400.00
Bruce Haven Beach House -------------------------$1700.00
Mae's Place Seaside Guest House -----------------$1850.00
Heron Cove Beach House-------------------------- $1900.00
Banner Point Beach House ------------------------$2000.00
Port Wood Cove Beach House II -------------------$2000.00
Oceanfront Executive Home -----------------------$2200.00
Selkie Shores Beach House -----------------------$2600.00
Panmure View Beach House ------------------------$3000.00

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Weekly Range  Name / Link  Region  Stars  Units    Pic/Info
$1200-$3200 Panmure View Beach House 6 5.0 1 View
$300-$3290 Dreamweavers Cottages 3 4.5 6 View
$750-$750 Memories By The Sea Studio ... 6 4.5 1 View
$925-$1850 Sunset By The Sea 6 4.5 1 View
$449-$1898 Shining Waters Country Inn ... 3 4.0 60 View
$595-$1855 Stanley Bridge Country Reso... 3 4.0 54 View
$600-$800 Brudenell on the River Cott... 6 4.0 1 View
$600-$2900 Swept Away Cottages 3 4.0 12 View
$649-$1955 Anne's Windy Poplars 3 4.0 20 View
$725-$850 DeRoma Cottages 6 4.0 8 View
$800-$1400 Sophie's Seaside Chalet 6 4.0 1 View
$850-$1200 Shady Lane B&B and Cottages 5 4.0 1 View
$850-$1700 Bruce Haven Beach House 6 4.0 1 View
$900-$1400 Seas the Wind 2 4.0 1 View
$900-$1400 Rusty Anchor Chalet 6 4.0 1 View
$900-$1400 Riverbank Vacation Home 5 4.0 1 View
$945-$1050 Moonlight Cottage By-The-Sea 6 4.0 1 View
$1000-$1400 'Live your Dreams' Oceanvie... 5 4.0 1 View
$1000-$1600 Candy's Beach House 3 4.0 1 View
$1000-$1600 Sunset Beach Hideaway 5 4.0 1 View
$1000-$1750 The Outlook to Stanley Brid... 3 4.0 1 View
$1050-$1550 B&C Riverfront Cottage 3 4.0 1 View
$1050-$2100 Glasgow Vista Guest House 3 4.0 2 View
$1100-$1100 Sansway Summer Home 1 4.0 1 View
$1100-$1650 Greenwich Moonlight Bay Cot... 5 4.0 1 View
$1100-$2500 Celtic Cape Beach House 3 4.0 1 View
$1200-$1200 Thompson Pond 6 4.0 1 View
$1200-$1600 Stanhope Cape Executive Cot... 3 4.0 1 View
$1200-$2000 Seaside Paradise Beach House 5 4.0 1 View
$1200-$2200 Beaches and Birds Cottage 3 4.0 1 View
$1250-$1250 Monigans Shorefront Retreat 6 4.0 1 View
$1250-$1950 Cavendish House 2 3 4.0 1 View
$1250-$1950 Cavendish House 3 4.0 1 View
$1300-$1300 QC Island Hideaway 4 4.0 2 View
$1500-$2500 Crowbush Golf House 5 4.0 1 View
$1500-$2500 Seaview Chalet 3 4.0 1 View
$1600-$1600 Sandpipers & Sunsets Oceanf... 4 4.0 1 View
$1600-$1600 Sleepy Pines Oceanfront Cot... 4 4.0 2 View
$1600-$1600 Ocean Annie's Beach House 5 4.0 1 View
$1600-$1600 Hidden Gem Cottage 4 4.0 1 View
$1600-$1800 Sunsets and Sea Lights 4 4.0 1 View
$1600-$2600 Selkie Shore 6 4.0 1 View
$1695-$1695 Glasgow Hills Hideaway 3 4.0 1 View
$1875-$1875 Tread Softly Cottage 5 4.0 1 View
$1900-$1900 Aspen House Cottage 6 4.0 2 View
$1900-$1900 Wanderers Rest Cottages Asp... 6 4.0 1 View
$1950-$1950 Cumberland Oceanfront Hidea... 4 4.0 1 View
$2000-$3400 St. Felix Beach House 1 4.0 1 View
$2200-$2200 Oceanfront Executive Home 6 4.0 1 View
$2200-$2200 Ocean Front Executive Home 6 4.0 1 View
$2300-$2300 Howe Point Cottage 5 4.0 1 View
$0-$1600 Anne's Beach House 5 3.5 1 View
$359-$2300 Cavendish Country Inn and C... 3 3.5 52 View
$450-$600 Bayview Resort 6 3.5 1 View
$500-$1125 Argyle Shore Waterview Cott... 4 3.5 6 View
$600-$750 Happy Landings Cottage 5 3.5 1 View
$600-$800 Cape Road Cottages 3 3.5 4 View
$600-$1600 Emily Cottages of Seaview 3 3.5 4 View
$650-$950 Cove Beach Estates 4 3.5 2 View
$650-$1100 The Bayside/Dunes to sea Co... 3 3.5 3 View
$650-$1400 Sunrise Over Dunes Cottage 3 3.5 1 View
$675-$1000 Ocean Side Cottages 6 3.5 3 View
$695-$1145 Blue Waters Executive Cotta... 3 3.5 8 View
$695-$1225 Kelly's Canoe Cove Cottages 4 3.5 2 View
$750-$1145 Shoreside Cottages 5 3.5 1 View
$790-$990 Cliffs Edge Cottages near C... 3 3.5 1 View
$800-$1145 Home From Away Waterfront C... 3 3.5 8 View
$800-$1150 Darnley Point Waterfront Co... 3 3.5 3 View
$800-$1400 Port Wood Cove Beach House 1 6 3.5 1 View
$800-$1600 Sandcastles Beach House 3 3.5 2 View
$850-$850 Waters Edge Cottage 5 3.5 2 View
$850-$950 Cable Head B&B, Cottages & ... 5 3.5 7 View
$850-$995 Tremere's Ocean View Cottag... 4 3.5 5 View
$850-$1400 Our Stanley Summer Home 3 3.5 1 View
$850-$1500 Gordon's Cove Cottage 4 3.5 1 View
$850-$1500 Sandy's Beachfront Cottage 5 3.5 1 View
$900-$900 Log Cabin Cottage 6 3.5 1 View
$900-$900 Morning Tide 6 3.5 1 View
$900-$900 Rose Cottage 6 3.5 1 View
$900-$1500 Wood Islands Waterfront Vac... 6 3.5 3 View
$900-$1800 Roses on the Water Beach Ho... 5 3.5 1 View
$950-$1400 Chalet on the Bay 3 3.5 1 View
$975-$1250 Shady Acres Cottages 3 3.5 10 View
$1000-$1000 Century Farm Waterfront Cot... 6 3.5 4 View
$1000-$1400 Colville Bay Cottages 5 3.5 3 View
$1000-$2000 Campbell's Stanley River Su... 3 3.5 2 View
$1000-$2000 Starfish Beach House 4 3.5 1 View
$1095-$1095 The Inn at St. Andrew's 2 3.5 2 View
$1099-$1299 John B's Beachfront Cottages 3 3.5 5 View
$1099-$1299 John B's Waterfront Cottages 3 3.5 5 View
$1100-$1350 Sand and Sea Cottages 5 3.5 1 View
$1190-$1190 Harbour Light Haven 3 3.5 1 View
$1200-$1600 Elderberry Oceanview Chalet 4 3.5 1 View
$1350-$2700 Sandcastles Executive Cotta... 5 3.5 6 View
$1400-$2000 Mol's Waterfront Cottages 4 3.5 2 View
$1400-$2500 Dunescape Cottages 3 3.5 4 View
$1500-$1500 Eagles View Waterfront Drea... 6 3.5 1 View
$1500-$1500 Seal Cove Vacation Cottage 2 5 3.5 1 View
$400-$1600 Stanhope Cottages 3 3.0 8 View
$500-$750 Steadman's Country Cottages 5 3.0 4 View
$500-$900 Chelton Beach Cottages 2 3.0 4 View
$500-$1000 Casa North Rustico 6 3.0 1 View
$500-$1200 Duneside Cottage 5 3.0 1 View
$525-$1090 Blue Crest Cottages 3 3.0 12 View
$595-$1850 Savage Harbour Beachfront C... 4 3.0 2 View
$600-$750 Bayberry Cottage 3 3.0 1 View
$600-$900 Between Two Waters 5 3.0 1 View
$600-$900 Calm Water Cottage 6 3.0 1 View
$645-$700 Bugaboo Cottages 4 3.0 3 View
$650-$650 Irish Cobbler Vacation Home 6 3.0 1 View
$650-$750 By The Shore Cottages 6 3.0 3 View
$650-$1050 Marigold Cottage 3 3.0 1 View
$700-$1200 Charlottetown Harbourview W... 4 3.0 2 View
$700-$1250 Smuggler's Cove Waterfront ... 6 3.0 1 View
$763-$1090 Bayline Cottages 5 3.0 1 View
$799-$799 Goodview PEI Cottages 3 3.0 5 View
$800-$900 Shores of St. Andrews Cotta... 6 3.0 4 View
$800-$2500 PEI Beach Cottages 3 3.0 3 View
$850-$850 Avondale Cottages 6 3.0 3 View
$900-$900 Trout River Cottage 3 3.0 1 View
$900-$900 Dunworkin Cavendish Cottage 3 3.0 1 View
$950-$950 Northside Getaway Cottage 5 3.0 1 View
$950-$950 Hogan's Waterview Cottages 4 3.0 2 View
$950-$1650 Stanhope Beach House 3 3.0 1 View
$975-$1550 Creekside Cottages and Gues... 3 3.0 5 View
$1000-$1000 Breakingwaves 5 3.0 1 View
$1000-$1500 Blue Cove Cottage 3 3.0 1 View
$1000-$2575 White Barn Guest House 3 3.0 2 View
$1150-$1500 Cann's Waterfront Retreat 6 3.0 1 View
$1200-$1200 Lochwood Cottage 3 3.0 1 View
$1200-$2000 Banner Point Beach House 6 3.0 1 View
$140-$717 White Sands Cottages and Ca... 3 2.5 55 View
$350-$350 Mabel's Gaspereaux Cottages 6 2.5 4 View
$490-$895 Crescent Isle Cottages 3 2.5 13 View
$500-$850 Baker Shore Cottage 4 2.5 1 View
$525-$800 Penny's Summer Home 3 2.5 1 View
$550-$1200 Schurman's Shore Waterfront... 2 2.5 8 View
$650-$1100 On the Bay Cottages 3 2.5 1 View
$700-$900 Captain Hubley's Seaside Ca... 6 2.5 1 View
$740-$850 Pines Motel and Cottages 3 2.5 17 View
$775-$925 Surf Cottages 3 2.5 3 View
$900-$1300 Warren's Beachfront Cottages 5 2.5 13 View
$1000-$1000 Lords Seaside Cottages 4 2.5 14 View
$1200-$1400 Herring and MacNeill House 6 2.5 2 View
$198-$380 New Glasgow Highlands Campg... 3 N/A 38 View
$300-$2500 Shoreline Cottages & Amhers... 4 N/A 5 View
$550-$800 Get Away To PEI 3 N/A 1 View
$600-$900 Red Clay Cottage 6 N/A 3 View
$623-$1638 The Resort at Cavendish Cor... 3 N/A 62 View
$750-$1250 Cozy Country Church Cottage 6 N/A 1 View
$750-$2000 Port Wood Cove Beach House 2 6 N/A 1 View
$850-$950 Northside Cottages 5 N/A 3 View
$900-$900 Heighton Lane 6 N/A 1 View
$1250-$1250 Seal Cove Vacation Cottage 6 N/A 1 View
$1500-$3200 Howe Bay Beach House 5 N/A 1 View

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  Peisland Cottage Site

This PEI Cottage site is designed to help you find the perfect cottage, B&B, Motel or other property for your vacation on Prince Edward Island. The PEI Cottages on the site are listed by price and include seasonal low and high rates. You will find links to the portal where you will find a complete list of cottages, B&B’s, Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Beach and Summer homes as well as events, businesses and attractions. All the information you need to conveniently plan your PEI vacation.

The PEI cottage industry is well developed with a variety of cottages available in each part of the province covering all price ranges from budget cottages to 5 star executive cottages. PEI is divided into 6 Tourist areas:

A Cottage by the Sea A charming 2-bedroom cottage, nestled on 6 acres of private waterfront. Tranquil, yet just minutes from the center of Charlottetown. Furnished with a combination of antique and modern pine, the cottage is comfortable and appealing. Enjoy the beautiful water view from the lawn swing. Perched on a point of land overlooking Charlottetown Harbour, you can watch the boats sail by. The sunsets are breathtaking! Take advantage of the private beach and go for a swim or a stroll. A Cottage by the Sea is the perfect place to come home to after a day spent exploring the Island.

Alderbrook Country Home We welcome you and your family to Margate, PEI. This summer home is centrally located in Anne's land, Alderbrook is within 20 minutes of many of the Island's most beautiful beaches, golf courses and the Anne of Green Gables attractions in Cavendish. It is available as an entire home and is completely furnished with all the amenities. This home features lots of space for two families vacationing together or for anyone who wants to enjoy a large country home.

Alexander's Beach House You will be thrilled to experience the natural beauty of PEI in this quiet country location. This Executive quality beach house overlooks the Northumerland Strait and features an acre of lawn, trees and flowered gardens. and 3 bedrooms. Exceptional view of sunsets, blue herons, eagles, and seals all from your deck or take a walk along the private beach.

Ar Dachaidh Cottage by the Sea Experience relaxed comfort in this spacious glass and beam home, located on a quiet country road and perched on 15 acres of waterfront property. Ar dachaidh has a magnificent view of Orwell Cove, the open waters of the Northumberland Strait and rolling farmlands. We are centrally located on the south side 15 minutes to the Wood Islands Ferry and 25 minutes to Charlottetown and just down the road to the most scenic Golf experience on PEI Belfast Highland Greens. Come and enjoy ceilidhs, live theatre, seal cruises, lobster suppers, beaches and shops. This Cottage by-the-Sea is absolutely non smoking and sorry but no pets are permitted. It comfortably sleeps 7 adults and 2 children. Availability is from June until September.

Argyle Shore Waterview Cottages 6 recently built 3 bedroom cottages, relax on the peaceful south shore of PEI, and enjoy the view. These executive cottages have cathedral ceilings, pine interiors, are located next to a Provincial Park. Spend your evenings relaxing around the fireplace, or soaking in the Jacuzzi. Each cottage has a well appointed deck where you can barbecue or just sit around and take in the sun setting over the water.

Ashore of St Andrews Cottages The four cottages, Sand Dune, Sand Piper, Sand Dollar, and Sand Stone deluxe cottages are all about 100 feet from the beach and each comes with a magnificent water view. Everything you need for a memorable vacation is at your fingertips, the fresh, sea – scented air, well kept grounds, the beach. And your day may include walking, a bike ride around the area, deep sea fishing, golf at one of the nearby championship courses, live theater, summer festivals held in the Island’s communities, shopping for antiques or items made by Island artisans, or (of course) sampling the exquisite coastal flavor of our beaches – be it red, white or singing sand – we have it all and its waiting just for you.

Aspen House Cottage A Private beach that stretches for miles, Aspen House is secluded at the end of a private country lane, set in trees, surrounded by lovely gardens and overlooking its own private beach on Orwell Bay. A luxurious 2000 square foot cedar home, built to take advantage of a magnificent ocean location. Comfortably furnished and completely equipped . Main floor is open-concept with fireplace, vaulted pine ceilings and ceramic tile floors. Extensive glass doors and windows open to an endless ocean vista and large deck. Four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, jacuzzi, spacious decks, four star property.

Avondale Cottages Quiet, secluded county cottages are newly built and come fully equipped with everything you need for the perfect vacation, swimming pool, minutes from the Avondale Golf Course. Spend your vacation touring the Island, golfing, swimming or simply relaxing and enjoying the "Island Way of Life", you will have a comfortable stay at one of our cozy cottages. The property has a very large well kept lawn, each cottage has a private deck, BBQ and air-conditioning.

Bayline Cottages Come to Prince Edward Island and enjoy our 2 storey, fully equipped, heated, housekeeping cottages located at St. Peter's Harbour Beach. You will experience what it is like to be only a 2-minute walk away from the beautiful shore where you can walk for miles on the white sand or just spend your time laying around for the day on the beach or dunes . Close to The Links at Crowbush Cove and the Greenwich National Park. Dig some clams, kayak, swim, hike or unwind on your deck while you are watching the sun go down.

Bayview Court Cottage Our spacious 3 bedroom cottage, is located on a 1/2 treed lot offers privacy, convenience and water access to a beach with shallow waters which makes it great for kids. The cottage is located in Donaldston (Route 219) and overlooks beautiful Winter Bay. All you need are your clothes, walking shoes, appetite, golf clubs and bathing suit to enjoy a memorable holiday on Prince Edward Island.

Beachcombers Hideaway Located on the shores of the Northumberland Strait it offers a panoramic view of the ocean, Pictou Island, the Wood Islands lighthouse and the Northumberland Ferry as it crosses to Nova Scotia. The Hideaway features over 1000 fett of private shore frontage, where you can snorkel, swim, beachcomb or just stretch and soak up the sun on the beach. Beachcombers Hideaway has three bedrooms and an open concept built with post and beam construction. The master bedroom, dining room and living room have a dramatic window view of the ocean. Walk up the spiral staircase and you will find a large 30'x24' master bedroom. The open kitchen and dining area is 21'x21' and has a fridge, stove, washer and dryer and is fully equipped. The living and family room is 27'x21' with TV and VCR. A barbeque is provided and the property has a large oceanfront lawn where you can settle back and enjoy the seals, dolphins and occaissionally whales as they pass by.

Bell Buoy Vacation Home This charming vacation home has lots of room with three bedrooms, new appliances, spacious living room and kitchen and laundry facilities. Plenty of space to relax on the deck and have a barbecue and and enjoy the spectacular view of the Northumberland Strait. Only a few minutes down the road will put you on one of the Islands beautiful secluded beaches where you can spend afternoons enjoying the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait.

Bell Isle Beach House You will find this four star Beach House in a natural setting on the South Shore of PEI, in the district of Belle River where you can enjoy quiet peaceful, surroundings and beautiful sunsets at this executive beach house on a large two acre property. Relax on the large deck or walk along the private sandy beach.

Bellecove Cottage This three bedroom cottage is located in a privately owned cottage development in Bellevue Cove, Stratford, PEI which is completely private but is only a 10 minute drive to Charlottetown. The cottage is only 100 yards to our private beach and has a wonderful water view. It has everything you would expect including tennis courts, firepit, outdoor furniture and a large private yard.

Benn - Will Cottage This cottage has been newly renovated inside and out, and is only 2 km. East of the Wood Islands Ferry on Route 4. This quiet and secluded cottage will give you all of the peace and relaxation you need on your vacation, with lots of activities and attractions nearby. Benn-Will Cottage is only a five minute walk to picturesque nice sandy beach, where you can kick off your shoes and enjoy your day at one of the south sides warm beaches. The cottage has a beautiful pine interior from floor to ceiling, housekeeping is provided and it has a screened-in porch, we know you will have a wonderful time on Prince Edward Island.

Bernards Mini farm Housekeeping Cottages Relax in the peaceful and quiet countryside of Prince Edward Island. Bernard's Mini-Farm Housekeeping Cottages are equipped with the comforts of home. Open from June 15 - September 30, these centrally located Housekeeping Cottages are ideally suited for your family vacation. your family will enjoy the your time with us and the variety of animals that live at the mini-farm. During the season you can enjoy fresh Island Raspberries you can pick. Blue Crest Cottages These deluxe cottages provide you with all the comforts of home. Our two bedroom cottages and one bedroom units all have a spectacular view of the Rustico Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. For your enjoyment each cottage has a large private deck, propane BBQ, microwave, remote control colour cable TV, electric heat as well as a full bath with shower. We have a laundromat, play area, spacious heated pool and hot tub to help make your time with us the vacation of a lifetime. And while you're here be sure to take the time to enjoy a scenic stroll to the seashore, pick mussels or dig clams.

Blue waters Tourist Home We are located in Brackley Beach and just minutes from the world famous north shore beaches. Our Tourist home is situated on ten acres where you can relax on the spacious treed lawn and outdoor deck, enjoy the play area, in-ground heated swimming pool or pamper yourself in our heated whirlpool. The property features a centuryfarmhouse tourist home and three luxury two-bedroom executive cottages. The three executive housekeeping cottageseach have two bedrooms furnished with queen-sized beds and a pull-out sofa. Each cottage also has a colour television, microwave oven, whirlpool tub, gas barbecue, covered verandah, and picnic table. The cottages feature pastoral and water views of Brackley Bay. The swimming pool and play area are adjacent to the cottages. The tourist home has five guest rooms equipped with double or queen beds. Guests can cook their own meals in the fully equipped guest kitchen or use the gas barbecue on the deck. Relax in the comfortable common room or sit on the verandah and enjoy the view.

Bothwell Beach Cottages Nestled in a the country among acres of rolling farmland, located just 12 minutes away from Souris , Bothwell Beach Cottages is a place to come and enjoy peace and tranquility. Our cottages are set up in a staggered fashion, which makes each one private. They are ideal for groups travelling together. Sit out on the deck in the early morning sunshine, listen to the songbirds while enjoying your morning coffee and your children, as they play on our playground. Bothwell Beach Bungalow offers a comfortable setting for your vacation. Spacious, it contains four bedrooms for large families or groups. Take one of our kayaks and explore the beautiful serene South Lake River System, while you enjoy the many Cranes, Blue Heron, ducks and plovers. Also, just beyond the lake, you can put the canoes into the surf of the Northumberland Strait, pull up onto the beach and go for a swim or just walk along the miles of beach and experience the "Singing Sands". There are also many wooded areas to explore for the hiking enthusiasts including "The Confederation Trail". Whatever your interest, Bothwell Beach Cottages and Bungalow will be sure to make your vacation to the Island one you will never forget.

Breaking Waves Breaking Waves is located in Little Pond, 25 minutes from Crowbush and it's world renowned golfing , 45 minutes to Charlottetown, home of the Confederation Centre of the Arts, as well as plenty of shopping locations and fine dining. Our fully equipped three-bedroom Oceanfront Cottage is located on one of Prince Edward Island's most beautiful stretch of beach. You can enjoy the spectacular ocean view from the Island's peaceful and relaxed country setting.

Brendalaur Cottage Enjoy your vacation on P.E.I. and staying in this new, fully equipped, 3 bedroom cottage. Relax in this spacious, bright cottage situated on a 2 acre lot on Panmure Island. A secluded and sandy beach is only 300 meters away. Panmure Island Provincial Park is minutes away, lighthouse tours, full concession and a playground. A 25 minute drive takes you to the world-class golf courses at Brudenell.. Make this home your vacation headquarters and you will truly enjoy your stay on P.E.I.

Hills and Harbours

Hills and Harbours – is located in the Southeast Corner and features a scenic coastal drive, shallow warm water bays, is the center of Scotch culture, and has some of PEI’s finest cruising waters for boaters. Five fine golf courses are in the area including the Brudenell Golf resort, Avondale and the 2 premiere 9 hole golf courses in the province, Belfast Highland Greens and Eagles View. An interpretive centre and museum is located on the "hands on" depiction of 19th century life at Orwell Corner Pioneer Village. For information on PEI cottages and accommodations in the Hills and Harbours Tourism Region area visit . The PEI to Nova Scotia ferry leaves from Wood Islands and takes about 75 minutes to cross; many visitors come to PEI across the Confederation Bridge and leave via the Ferry. The region features many well maintained lighthouses that are open to the public; visit Point Prim Canada’s oldest round brick lighthouse, Wood Islands Lighthouse, Panmure Island Lighthouse, and The Cape Bear Lighthouse.

It was at Cape Bear where the first distress signal from the Titanic was received. Some of PEI’s finest warm water beaches are in this area along Orwell Bay. One of the best bird watching spots for The Great Blue Heron is found on the tidal flats at the Lord Selkirk Park. The Hills and Harbours Tourist area is rich is tradition and heritage with sites such as The Sir Andrew MacPhail Homestead and the DeRoma settlement.

Bays and Dunes

Bays and Dunes – is located in the Northeast corner and again features a scenic coastal drive. The north shore is dotted with small fishing villages and has one of the finest tuna fishing ports at North Lake. It also is the home of the world renowned Links at Crowbush Cove golf course. The Elmira railway museum is a must see and while visiting take a hike along the scenic Confederation Trail that runs beside it. Visit the Greenwich Dunes and its interpretation centre at the National Park. For complete information on PEI cottages and accommodations in the Bays and Dunes Tourism Region area visit

Annes's Land

Anne’s Land – is located along the North Shore of PEI and is the most heavily developed tourism region in PEI. The PEI National Park runs the length of the region. It features many fine new 18 hole golf courses and attractions such as Sandspit and Rainbow Valley. For evening entertainment of course there are venues like Catherine MacKinnon’s newly renovated "Carmody Comedy Barn" or during the day you might like to try some deep sea fishing. For complete information on PEI cottages and accommodations in the Anne's Land, Anne of Green Gables Tourism Region area visit

Charlotte's Shore

Charlotte’s Shore – is located along the South Shore of PEI and includes Charlottetown, PEI’s capital city. After exiting The Confederation Bridge visitors enter Gateway Village, a collection of 20 shops and restaurants hosting a modern visitor information center. Charlotte’s Shore features rolling hills, redcliffes and shallow water red sand beaches. Each year thousands of people come to PEI to take part in "Old Home Week" and its 10 days of harness racing at the "Charlottetown Driving Park". For complete information on PEI cottages and accommodations in the Charlotte’s Shore Tourism Region visit

Ship to Shore

Ship to Shore – is located West of Malpeque Bay and is home to Summerside, PEI’s second city and the Evangeline district which is home to PEI’s Acadian population. In Summerside the world famous College of Piping is located where students from around the world come to fine tune their accomplishments on the bagpipes. A visit to this area is not complete without visiting Le Village in Mont Carmel and the Mi’Kmaq Centre on Lennox Island. For complete information on PEI cottages and accommodations in the Ship to Shore Tourism Region visit

Sunsets and Seascapes

Sunsets and Seascapes – is the most westerly section of PEI and is where the Atlantic Canada Wind Turbine test site is located at Kildare Capes. Predominantly a farming and fishing community the PEI Potato Museum is aptly situated in O’Leary. At Miminegash near the home of a Canadian legend "Stompin Tom Connors" you can visit the Irish Moss interpretive centre. And if you are driving the coastal hiway you might come across horses in the water gathering the moss that is used as a thickener in such things as ice cream. West Prince is the home of Hardys Organic Products the Maritimes leading producer of organic soy products. For complete information on PEI cottages and accommodations in the Sunsets and Seascapes Tourism Region visit

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